Open Source

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This application is designed to be an entertaining animated open-source desktop “screen-mate”.

Initially using the Navi fairy from Nintendo’s Zelda. The base of this application can be easily modified for any type of user-created screen-mate.


QuickB2 is a complete abstraction of Box2D, providing grouped hierarchies, extensible classes, and event-driven callbacks. The high-level interface enables developers to create physics simulations that are impractical to write using Box2D’s API alone. It takes care of things that you don’t want to, so that you can concentrate on your game.


SoundTree wraps all the various sound-related classes that you normally have to interact with into one abstracted class that deals with all the annoying stuff behind the scenes.


As3Math is an extensible, object-oriented, event-firing math library geared towards games. For now the focus is on 2d geometry (points, vectors, lines, bounding representations, polygons, and so on), with plans in the future for adding a similar module for 3d.