Available on iOS and Android.

Bido is an app designed to keep you and your partner informed of each others drive, so that you don’t miss another opportune moment.

Unique features

  • Compatibility Rating
  • Custom Notifications
  • Anonymous Accounts

Coming soon! Currently in private beta.

For Android:


Allows you to bookmark and save any: apps, books, music, and movies from the Google Play store. Just click the share button in the upper right corner of the play store, and then select “BookmarkOnPlay”. After you bookmark an item you can view a complete list of your saved items. Selecting an item from your list will take you directly to its Play store page.

Great for when you want to remember a non-free app or movie that you just arn’t quite ready to purchase just yet. Perhaps you are a bargain shopper and want to wait for your item to go on sale? Bookmark it with this app and look it up later!